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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you machine wash the Shock Sock?

Yes, The ShockSock is machine washable and the padding will not move around in the pocket.

Can the ShockSock be used for purposes other than Soccer?

Yes. Even though the ShockSock was designed for Soccer, the product can be used in sports like Rugby, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Hockey. Professionals in these respective sports have inquired about infusing ShockSock technologies into their respective professions. Shock Sock Inc. designers are in the process of developing prototypes to cater to these sports.

Is the ShockSock available in many different sizes?

Yes. The ShockSock will be available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Please see the Sizing Chart for your size.

Is the ShockSock heavy?

No, the ShockSock is constructed with lightweight materials and the complete product weights an ounce.

Will the ShockSock fit inside my cleat?

Absolutely. The padding is 4mm in thickness (which is thinner than wearing two pair of socks) allowing for a snug fit inside of the cleat. The ShockSock is designed to be lightweight with low bulk.

Will the ShockSock alter ball control?

No. There is no loss in ball control when wearing the ShockSock. The elasticity of the padding allows the player to maintain complete control of their touch and feel for the ball. Today's soccer cleats fit closer and are more lightweight (for higher performance) than ever. Soccer cleats today are designed for speed. They aren't designed for protection and as a result, players are more prone to these types of foot injuries. The ShockSock gives the wearer the confidence and satisfaction of feeling protected without hindering full motion.

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