Wang Chunsheng, Vice President of the Campanian Chinese Medicine Hospital: Guarding everyone is my responsibility


Wang Chunsheng, Vice President of the Campanian Chinese Medicine Hospital: Guarding everyone is my responsibility

"I have experience, it is a party member, I am willing to enter the isolation point.

"When I learned that the resettlement of Heihe Transit Medicine Observer needs a person, Wang Chunsheng, Vice President of the Campanian Medicine Hospital, did not say, the first time, I entered the Xiu Water Hotel to concentrate on the medical observation point, and I started working in the isolation point again. Arrangement Milin, clean, nucleic acid detection, understand the physical condition of the mass, conduct technical guidance on the isolation point staff, communication and coordinate the relevant departments, to organize the information, research the next day … This is Wang Chunsheng a list of work. "I Is the ‘old soldier’ ??of the isolation point, at the end of 2019, the first place in the county sets the first quarter of medical observation points, I am the first staff member. "Wang Chunsheng said, in order to transfer the Henghe’s medical observer in Khande spend the observation period, the county has touched a group of backbone medical staff, and he has experience, so the initiative, the work task is heavy, the strength is large Faced with a certain risk, every day here is a new challenge, strict protection, properly resettlement, Wang Chunsheng and "comrades" work hard in their respective positions.

"I slept well last night. How do you feel today?" "What is the taste of meals? Is there any kind of fruit? What needs to contact us at any time." Busy work, Wang Chunsheng will pass the phone, WeChat query about the isolation personnel Physical condition and life demand.

Chronic patients need to take medicine, student online class signal is unstable, separately isolated 14-year-old girl wants home … The various needs after the isolation personnel are coming one after another, and Wang Chunsheng records them, and the best effort is satisfied.

Wang Chunsheng uses a new friend in the isolation point with professional and dedication, but has a lot of deficiants to their families. When the isolation point is closed-loop management, when the task is heavy, Wang Chunsheng has not returned home for three and a half months.

This time I settled the isolation point, except for the wife and daughter, he was most concerned about the old mother of the year.

"The old man suffers from leukemia, and I was confirmed in the past few days ago.

"I mention my mother, Wang Chunsheng’s eyes," the old mother mother is best to me, I have a good eating.

When she needs to be accompanied by her seriously ill, I can’t stay with her. "Our husband and wife are party members, and the wife also understands me."

The difficulties of small families can overcome, everyone’s peace is my responsibility.

"With the embarrassment of family, Wang Chunsheng firmly picked up a mission of medical workers, and he always attached to the position of the isolation point. Under the protective clothing, his eyes sometimes be wet by sweat, but perseverance Belief often.

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