Xinjiang issued the first scientific research integrity normative document


Xinjiang issued the first scientific research integrity normative document

Original title: The first scientific research and integrity normative document has been issued, and the Science and Technology Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued the "Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Research Integrity Management Measures (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"), clear fraud declaration, and set fiscal funds. Made in scientific and technological achievements, engaged in the trading of academic papers, accepted "Breaking" "Take the Relationship" and other factions will be severely punished.

This is the first normative document named by "scientific research integrity" and is also an important result of the construction of scientific research integrity in the autonomous region. The "Measures" is 41, 41, which is suitable for scientific research integrity management of relevant responsible subjects of various scientific and technological activities in Xinjiang Natural Science, including the management organization of science and technology activities and its staff, scientific and technological activities, and scientific research personnel, consulting review experts. , Third-party science and technology service agencies and their staff, etc. The "Measures" clearly, strengthen the research integrity management of the whole process of the scientific and technological plan, proposing the five systems and two mechanisms of scientific research integrity, the scientific research integrity commitment and auditing system, academic paper scientific research results management system, scientific research integrity rewards and punishment system, scientific research and faith joint Punishment system, reward and punishment and repair mechanism, etc. At the same time, it emphasizes that the scientific and technological administrative department at all levels and the relevant industry administrative departments shall jointly promote the scientific research integrity information cross-sectoral cross-regional sharing applications, and jointly discipline the responsibility subjects of scientific research on scientific discretion in accordance with relevant regulations. The "Measures" on the implementation of scientific research credit implementation and evaluation system, scientific research credit evaluation, and unified practice, the corresponding level is determined based on the credit score basis. The scientific research credit rating is: A + (credit excellent), A (good credit), B (credit), C (credit is poor), D (credit difference). The evaluation results are an important basis for the participation of relevant responsible subjects to participate in the scientific and technological plan projects and other scientific and technological activities credit management.

"Measures" also clarified 17 situations that belonging to scientific research and faith. The "Measures" clearly, and the reward and punishment were implemented. Relevant responsibility subjects for scientific research credit rating A +, implement trust incentives.

For the relevant responsibility subjects of scientific and unin-information, the scientific and technological administrative departments at all levels can terminate, withdraw the relevant research projects of fiscal funding, and lift the relevant government to purchase service contracts, recover the balance funds, and recover their financial funds and Violation, revocation of rewards or honorary titles. At the same time, the "credit repair" mechanism is established, and the responsible subject that boots in the absence of the faction record will conduct scientific research credit repair by performing obligations, active rectification, compensating for losses or contribution to society. The introduction of "Measures" will create a better environment in order to develop a better environment, which is conducive to standardizing scientific and technical activities, and consolidate scientific and technological circles, consolidating scientific research and construction results. "Sun Dongfang, Director of the Science and Technology Department of Autonomous Region, said, "We have always put the spirit of promoting scientists and strengthening the research style construction. On the one hand, through education guidance, on the other hand, increase the discipline of violations, attitude towards zerolament, guarding the scientific research Ecology, create a good atmosphere for technology innovation.

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