Why is the pregnant woman is easy to live "Tang Bao"


Why is the pregnant woman is easy to live "Tang Bao"

  Experts from the prenatal diagnosis center of Shijiazhuang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital reminded that everyone knows that 35 years old and above pregnant women are called senate pregnant women, but this age does not refer to pregnant women now, but to see that there is no 35 days during the expected date of birth. Birthday.

  "Tang Bao" is a child (or 21 tri-body syndrome) children (or 29 children). The main clinical manifestations of children are severely mentally mentally mentally mentally mentions, and there will be hypertrophy of leukemia, digestive deformity, and cardiac malformation.

The fetus of elderly pregnant women is prone to chromosomal abnormalities, while most chromosome abnormalities will be a mentally disable, of which "Tang Bao" is a typical representative of chromosome abnormal children. In fact, pregnant women should be vigilant than just "Tang Baby, but a child with abnormal chromosome. Many pregnant women who come to the outpatient consultation will be very confused: "I am very healthy with my husband, there is no mental space in the family, and my previous children are very smart, very healthy, how can this birthmark?" Taking Down’s syndrome as an example, the relationship between pregnant women and the incidence of this disease.

  Pregnant women are grouped by age: 20-year-old maternity group, with 1 Tang Si syndrome per 1677 babies. 25-year-old maternity group, there are 1 Tang Chi syndrome every 1250 babies.

30-year-old maternity group, there are 1 Tang Si syndrome every 952 babies.

35-year-old maternity group, there are 1 Tang Chi syndrome every 385 babies. 40-year-old maternity group, there are 1 Tangshi syndrome in every 106 babies.

  It can be seen that because of the growth of pregnant women, Down’s syndrome is getting higher and higher. Why is this so? Because women have gradually declined with age growth with age. 35 years old and above women’s egg cells are susceptible to no separation, resulting in increased or decreased fetal chromosome, causing abnormal diseases of fetal chromosome, resulting in newborns mental abnormalities. Therefore, the larger the age of pregnant women, the greater the risk of abnormal fetal chromosome, and most children with abnormal chromosomes will be a mental space, the most common is Down’s syndrome.

So the pregnant woman is easier for "Tang Bao". Some people will ask, do you have a child’s birth age? The answer is certain.

Studies have shown that spermatosome with men over 40 years old increases, and the proportion of genetic mutation rates is increasing, and the age of males will have an effect on children. For example, the probability of a priority child after 50 years old is twice the 28-year-old male. Studies have shown that the best birth age is 26 ~ 35 years old.

  So how do senior couples avoid the abnormal fetus of birth chromosomes? Experts recommend that if there is no amniotic fluid surgery contraindication, it is recommended to choose amniotic fluid puncture to exclude abnormalities of the fetus. Because it can confirm whether the fetal chromosome is abnormal, it is more wide than non-invasive DNA inspection, and the detection rate is nearly 100%. Experts finally said that with the introduction of three birth policies, the number of senior women continued to rise. I hope that the old Bao Dadao mother pays attention to the investigation of the fetal chromosome disease, scientifically screening, timely intervention, and give birth to a healthy and smart baby.