H5 丨 they dream of photos, the original is like this …

0 Comments H5 丨 they dream of photos, the original is like this …

  Xinhuanet Chengdu August 11th (Liang Aoe) Zhan Zhan Yangshui, from Baoshan to Jiangnan Water Township, Yangtze River flows through China Geographical ladder, 18 million square kilometers in the total basin, nourish countless children since ancient times. Today, with the rapid development of economic and social development and the impact of climate change, new problems such as water and ecological damage, water environment pollution are increasingly prominent, and the renewal of the Yangtze River Ecology is not going to slow.

  Mountain Lake Tuda Lake is a life community to live in the Yangtze River, middle and downstream giant pandas, puff dolphins and Yangzi crocodes, Xinhuanet launched the Yangtze River Ecological species Protection Interactive Interactive Series Game, invite you to join this ecological journey, Tim a black and white bear to the giant panda, to find that a smile in the porpoise, protect the green homes for the Yangzi crocodile, and get the limited edition and photographs, find the most beautiful Yangtze River! Click on the picture to enter the game.

  Xiong Sheng, also need a little color to turn over the mountain, and eat bamboo with the small partners next door; the wilderness is the yearning for freedom, and the responsibility is responsible … Black and white two colors of giant panda, heart Fashioned a colorful dream. Bamboo, lake, small hills, grass, blue sky, wildflowers … In the specified time, mobile fragment, spelling the most beautiful habitat of the giant panda, not only can achieve "Xiong Sheng’s biggest wish", but also Get Giant Panda protection Little knowledge, guardianship rolls more about! Take a vivid color photo for the giant panda.

  Confirming the eyes, is the most beautiful smile in the Yangtze River, a smile, fat, a pair of love, "smile angel" porpoise from 25 million years ago, it was survived in the earth. Nowadays, excessive fishing, illegal fishing, water pollution, sand abuse, etc. Return to the Yangtze River! Looking for the most beautiful smile in the Yangtze River. Fighting the hush, guarding the Yangzi crocodile home appearance, the temperament, the Yangzi crocodile and "Selling" Panda belongs to the national level protection animal, is a unique species of China, is also one of the most endangered crocodiles. This is a racing running, in 20 seconds, spelling the handshake speed, prevents farmland, water conservancy and plant from continuing the habitat of the Yanzi crocodile, let the Yangzi crocodile have their own home, quietly reproducing a living … guarding the Yangzi crocodile Home. Mountain Water Lake Lake is a life community that repairs the Yangtze River Ecology is the arduous task given to people in the new era.

Zhan Zhan Changjiang Water, you and I take care! Click on the picture or scan the QR code, give your own power to the Yangtze River Ecology! Click or scan the QR code and enter the game.