The 7th Haishi International Tourism Festival will start collecting the cultural elements of 闽 in November 23


The 7th Haishi International Tourism Festival will start collecting the cultural elements of 闽 in November 23

People’s Network Fuzhou November 17th (Qian Jiahe) on the 16th, according to Fuzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau, the 7th "Sea Silk Road" (Fuzhou) International Tourism Festival (referred to as "Haishi International Tourism Festival") Located on November 23, the event lasted until mid-December. It is reported that Haishi International Tourism Festival is the only comprehensive large international tourism festival in China’s theme of "Maritime Silk Road". According to the relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau Continue to highlight "International Characteristics, Haishi Characteristics, Text Travel", based on the state, Haisi portal, to create international radiopeous travel and tourism cooperation platform, during the period, will hold the launching ceremony and the peak of the Cooperation Forum, Haishi wonderful night and other subjects and series supporting activities.

Among them, Haishi International Tourism Festival launching ceremony and Wenxue Cooperation Summit Forum will be held at the International Convention and Exhibition of Fuzhou Straits on November 23.

The launching ceremony implements the organic linkage underline, domestic guests can be partially present, and overseas guests and unable to cope with domestic guests can participate in the VCR line through field connection or in advance. The Wenxo Cooperation Summit will hold a round table summit with the theme of "Collaborative Cooperation Multi-Circular Market Cooperation Mechanism", and hold a multi-game parallelism. It is understood that the Haishi International Tourism Festival pays attention to broadensing the foreign cooperation, Fuzhou Haishi "friends circle" continues to expand. The event is in invite Russia, Thailand, Benin, Sri Lanka and other ambassadors, and "all the way", the national and regional tourism department officials, Haishi Tourism Alliance representatives, international tourism agencies, etc., jointly build a sea Silk Road AC link.

In addition, the Haishi International Tourism Festival will focus on the international brand of the Chinese nation and promote the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation. The event will rely on the main body and series of supporting activities, through the joint sharing of hot spring theme culture, up and down the history and culture, non-legacy art, special immersion performance, Haishang Dynasty exchange, etc. , Spread the spirit of China, consolidate the promotion of the 44th World General Assembly Dental Exchange, show and cooperation results.

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