The top ten brochure contributes the 70% of the 70% revenue in the industry.


The top ten brochure contributes the 70% of the 70% revenue in the industry.

Original title: The former ten brokers contributes the 70% revenue in the industry to create a maximum of 387 million Zhang Tingting / watchmaking Zhou Jingyu / Map 2020 is a branch of the broker’s harvest year, brokerage, investment, self-employment and other business sectors collective red, and each home The brokerage revenue is composed, and the per capita income efforts can reflect the development strategy and development of brokerage development to a certain extent.

As of April 7, 25 listed brokers have released the 2020 annual report, coupled with the listing brokerage business that had previously disclosed the results of the results, and 31 coupons disclosed that the 2020 performance situation. Among these 31 billiaries, there are 16 cases that have received billions. The top ten coupons have achieved revenue billions of revenue, contributing to nearly 70% of income. In terms of profitability, 5 courses were returned to the net profit of over 100 billion yuan, including CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan, Haitong Securities in the past three in the industry. The data also shows that 15 vouchers have created more than 2 million yuan. Among them, Hongta Securities ranked first in the industry. The head effects of the industry have further highlights, and there are 11 billions in 2020, and there are 11 billions.

CITIC Securities is the only one of more than 50 billion yuan. The company’s billion-dollar revenue has increased year-on-year, exceeding the industry average growth rate. In addition, Haitong Securities, Guotai Junan, Huatai Securities all-year revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that CITIC Jianbao Securities billion-dollar revenue increased by more than year, which is the largest brochure approved in the top ten brokerage.

The revenue of China Golden Company billion has increased year-on-year, and it is also very bright. According to the data disclosed by the CDM, the 2020 certificate industry realized the revenue. According to the currently disclosed annual report, the top ten brokerage aggregates realize the revenue of billion yuan, and the total contribution of% of the industry revenue, the head effect is further highlighted.

Among the 31 listing brokerages, 5 realized returns to the net profit exceeded tentabary, which were CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan, Haitong Securities, Huatai Securities, Guangfa Securities.

Among them, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan respectively used 100 million yuan, and the return of the return profit in the past two in the industry, the year-on-year increase is%,%. Haitong Securities and Huatai Securities return to the net profit exceeded 10.8 billion yuan, of which Haitong Securities leaded to 50 million weak advantages and ranking third in the industry. According to the data of the Secondary Films Association, the 2020 certification industry realized the return of returnees with net profit, year-on-year growth. At present, the top ten coupons have contributed to% industry profits.

Although the head broker revenue is relatively solidified, the net profit rank is fierce.

In the top ten brokers, only CITIC Securities, Guangfa Securities, China Milky Way continued last year’s rankings, respectively, the first, fifth, ninth, ranked fourth in the last year rose to the second place this year; last year ranking second And the third Haitong Securities, Huatai Securities fell 1 this year. It is worth mentioning that CITIC Jianotou Securities have realized the net profit of billion yuan last year, and the year-on-year increase%, the industry ranking from the eighth place last year to the sixth place.

At present, the results have been disclosed, and the ENC securities, the industrial securities 2020 return increased by more than 100% year-on-year, of which Evergregated securities realize the net profit of billion yuan, the year-on-year increase is up to%, ranking first. The 4 billboards self-operated income exceeded 10 billion, and the A-share market had a good glory in the overall advantage of capital market reform. In this context, the income of brokerage brokerage business is obvious. According to the listed brokerage, 9 brokerage 2020 brokerage business fees have exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Among them, CITIC Securities Expeditionally, the income industry in this income industry was first, the year-on-year increase%; Guotai Junan ranked second, year-on-year increase%; Galaxy Securities, China Merchants Securities, Guangfa Securities, Huatai Securities, Guoxin Securities the income More than 6 billion yuan.

In the case of A-share market transactions, most brokerage brokerage business revenue has increased, but the business is difficult to afford to receive the first major business of the brokerage business. At present, only 2 listing brokerage brokerage business has more than 30%, which are governmental securities and Hualin Securities.

Among them, Guoxin Securities As a strong branch, brokerage business is strong. In 2020, the net income of 100 million brokerage business is increased year-on-year, and the brokerage business is increased from 29% in 2019 to 34%. It is worth noting that since 2017, the self-operated business has become a business sector accounted for a brokerage business accounted for a brokerage business. In 2020, most brokerage business revenue continued to grow.

According to "Self-operated Income = Investment Revenue – Investment Revenue + Fair Value Change Revenue" for joint ventures and joint ventures ", there are 4 courses for self-employment income, which are CITIC Securities, Zhongjin Company, Haitong Securities, Huatai securities. Among them, CITIC Securities estimated in the industry in the industry, the year-on-year increase in the industry; the self-operated year-on-year increase billion yuan, the year-on-year increase is%; Haitong Securities realizes the self-operated income of 100 million yuan. 2020 benefits from the registered system reform, investing banks is more obvious as the business engine of the broker business engine. There are currently 14 bills of vendors to invest more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, CITIC Securities, Zhongjin Company, CITIC CITIC CCIT Investment Securities Volunteers have exceeded 5.8 billion yuan, and the first three in the industry.

In the contribution of the brokerage revenue, there are currently 3 billiards’ investment banks account for more than 25%, and the proportion of the revenue of Guolk Securities has increased from 2019 to%, ranking first in the industry. 15 vouchers have created more than 2 million financial institutions, the core assets of "people", the brokerage revenue increase, then how per-person place is? According to the "number of business income / total number", there are currently 31 listing brokerages that currently disclose performance, and 29 have more than one million, including 15 vouchers to receive more than 2 million yuan, compared to the boat in 2019 . Among them, the Hongta Securities has averaged in the industry in the industry in the industry, and increased in the same year.

Data show that the 2020 Hongta Securities Recovery has increased year-on-year, investing banks, futures business year-on-year increase, but 2020 The number of staff employees is only 1442, so the per capita income growth is obvious. Eastern Securities, Haitong Securities 2020 per capita income is more than 3 million yuan, and the former is increasingly increasing.

Although Eastern Securities 2020 increased year-on-year increase, due to 6,339 employees, it is more streamlined than other large brokers, so the level of per capita income is higher. In addition, Zheshang Securities, CITIC Jianban, Everbright Securities, Hualin Securities per capita income increased more than 50%.

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