Zhengzhou once again selected the Central European regional policy cooperation case area


Zhengzhou once again selected the Central European regional policy cooperation case area

  China-Europe Palatan (Zhengzhou) is a trading bridge (data map) at the central and eastern region (information map) Top News · Henan Business Daily reporter Guo Shuang Shuangming On November 16th, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the third round of China-Europe Regional Policy Cooperation Chinese Case Area List Zhengzhou City is again selected.

It is understood that in the second round of China-Europe regional policy cooperation cases, Zhengzhou is listed in the second round of China-Europe regional policy cooperation.

So, in the past few years, Zhengzhou City has achieved what kind of results in the Central European regional policy cooperation, why can it be a typical case? In the friendly city, I have reached a cooperation agreement in recent years, Zhengzhou City relies on the aviation port of the Airport Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone, the Zhengzhou Film District of the Trade Zone, Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, focusing on the construction of air, land, online, sea, four "Silk Road ".

At present, Zhengzhou Airport opened 245 routes, passenger and cargo volume for four consecutive years, Zhongta (Zhengzhou) Tongdu more than 130 cities in the world, approved the construction of China-European class assembly center; cross-border e-commerce nearly 3 years The amount increased by more than 20% of the year; the sea rail transport built "inland water harvest". Zhengzhou City and European countries have formed five pairs of friendly cities, signed 6 senses of friendly city relations. Signed a cooperation agreement with the International Railway Alliance, the European Railway Transportation Alliance, Andalucía Smart City Alliance, and the Signaling of the European Railway Transportation Alliance to promote the construction of intentions of the Pan Asian Railway Economic Cooperation Platform; Hungary National Trade Services Department set up a representative office in Zhengzhou. From January to September this year, the total amount of Euro trade reached 61.9 billion yuan. Zhengzhou City has successfully hosted the 13th China-Europe Regional Policy Cooperation Seminar and "One Belt" International Cooperation Typical Project Seminar, and Malata in Spain Inc., Greece, Arna Cametro, held economic and trade exchange activities. Walk with the Euro Bo League held the 3rust Asian-European Interconnection Industry Cooperation Forum.

In October 2021, organized China (Zhengzhou) · Hungary exchange cooperation industry docking activities.

In April this year, Zhengzhou Airport Group Hungary Budapest was officially signed. Data show that from January to September this year, Zhengzhou City has an investment of 61.9 billion yuan in Europe, Fujikang, China Railway Equipment, Yutong Bus, New Equal Heavy Industry, Mingtai Aluminum Industry, Missing and other enterprise products have entered the European market, Henan Bonded Group has already Belgium, Hungary, Germany construction overseas warehouse.

Yutong Bus has taken the EU WVTA vehicle certification, realizing mass sales in Britain, France, is known as the "Going out" of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.

Zheng coal machine joint Chongde investment successfully acquired the Global Division of the Bosch Suggestive and Generator in Bosch, Germany. (Editor: Since the quiet, Huang Sha) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.