[Civil Affairs Bureau] Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau promotes the relocation point of special difficult personnel


[Civil Affairs Bureau] Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau promotes the relocation point of special difficult personnel

  In order to do a good job in Senburi relocation point secrets in Lhasa City to implement a centralized supporting work in Lhasa, the special difficult personnel share the achievements of reform and development, and truly realize the "old people to raise, disease, living," Lhasa citizenship The bureau attaches great importance to it. It takes measures to promote the Senburi relocation point specialist staff stay in the dragon Deqing District, Niku County, and the San County (district) centralized support center work in Xiong County.

According to the Autonomous Region, the Lhasa City Party Committee, the government arranges deployment and the Citizen of Naqu City demand that the Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau drew the "Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau on the Different Support Implementation Plan for Different Situ" (hereinafter referred to as "Solution" Notice, the basic functions such as the existing elderly, idle pension beds, etc. of the three counties (districts) centralized supporting centers, which clarifies the room and bed number that can be integrated.

  At present, San County (district) centralized support service center can integrate 147 beds in 78 rooms.

For the functional facilities, centralized support rigidity requirements (including bed, staff, operational requirements), basic service guarantee requirements, etc. refine the division of responsibility. According to statistics of Naqu City, Senburi relocation should have 99 very difficult elderly, of which there is currently 39 people in the "Three County (District) Central Supply Service Center", and 60 in phases. .

  A few days ago, the special working group of Naqu City went to Lhasa City to dock related matters, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of the Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau, the field investigation and investigation of the existing elderly rooms, bed number, etc. Functional facilities, at the same time, the accommodation issues of bed number and staff are facing face-to-face communication.

Subsequently, the Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau held Senbu Rover Personnel to stay in three counties (districts) centralized support center work coordination conference.

At the meeting, the Civil Affairs Bureau expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau and expressed its very satisfaction with the room, bed number and office space provided. The accommodation of nursing staff, the temporary people of the old man, the elderly food subsidies, etc. The issue has put forward specific needs.

  Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau Party Committee, Director Bai Ma Yuzhen, emphasized that according to the content of "program" and the current number of idle beds, the first batch of 39 elderly people in San County (district) centralized support service center were arranged in the three counties (districts) Packed Dragon Deqing District Traditional Support Service Center Accommodation (public rental room) problem; ask Naqu City Civil Affairs Bureau to invite Double Lake County, the municipal party committee, the municipal government, please show the relocation of Shuanghu County Nursing Homes; Lhasa Civil Affairs Bureau Welfare Branch actively diverted the Autonomous Region Civil Affairs Bureau and the Lhasa Finance Bureau to solve the song Traffic gauges and transfer issues; That Tong’s specialty is the specific responsibility of Niku County, and arranged in Niku County Travel Support Center Medical Office. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.