Zhejiang deploys the province’s advancement of "county and townships, grabbed the block" reform


Zhejiang deploys the province’s advancement of "county and townships, grabbed the block" reform

  On the 9th, the province’s "county and township one, and the drain" reform work on-site promotion will be held in Zhangzhou. Yuan Jiajun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, made an instruction, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Chen Yunjun, secretary-general, attended the meeting and speaking.

  Yuan Jiajun pointed out in the instructions, focusing on efficient cooperation, overall integration, adhere to the "one hand", catch "one hand", comprehensive summary and copying the "Zhangzhou experience" of the promotion of grassroots governance, the province’s promotion "county and township, Tubing "reform, accelerate the" 152 "system and" 141 "system coherence, and strive to build Zhejiang models that fully demonstrate the advantages of China ‘s characteristic grassroots governance system. "The county and hural and hural and hural and hural areas" reform is a major integrated reform of the integration of the county and township as the core content, the cultivation of township management system and grassroots management system and grassroots governance system. It is a comprehensive exploration and practice of digitization reform in the grassroots level. In the past year, 14 pilot counties (cities, districts) and 14 pilots in Yuhang District, Zhangzhou City, have been guided by the provincial party reform office, etc., according to the "party construction leadership, The requirements of the right to hometown, multi-span coherent, digital empowerment, overall Zhizhi, planning the list of matters, administrative law enforcement, multi-faceted joint office, digital platform command, cadre evaluation quantization, "Four Governments" "Combined Boxing" in the base "Marking Efficiency Efficiency", effectively cracking on a group of batch of grassroots governance.

At present, the system system of the "county and township integration, the graphic" reform is basically formed. Our province will also promote the "152" system and "141" system coherence, accelerate the construction of the provincial, integrated, integrated, integrated, integrated, integrated. In Ningbo and Zhangzhou City as the comprehensive pilot area, select the provincial office, Provincial Department of Justice, Provincial Emergency Management Office, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, etc., establish a standardized path of technology, combing a matter of landing Inventory, promote a group of pilot application functions, summarize the formation of a through mode. Before this year, based on pilot experience, explore the method, path, pattern, and implementation of platform throughput, function, system mechanism, and formation of demonstration, establishment of standards, and provinces.

(Reporter Shi Li Weiwei) Responsible Editor: Ma Rong.