Wu Xiangdong: Legend of Trees


Wu Xiangdong: Legend of Trees

On November 10, 2001, the Chinese men’s football team coach Mi Lutinovic and Wu Xiangdong (left) shaking hands, signed an agreement to serve as a national spokesperson in China.

Guizhou Jane Winery is mapped to "Let the people drink quality good sauce in the country, is a good fortune, is the mission of doing wine.

The success of ’85 identification ‘has opened a good head for the great man. From 2009, this relay rod is handed over to us, and history has opened a new page. "Wu Xiangdong said, through the continuous investment of 12 years after the acquisition of Jane, Guizhou Jane Wine Wine Co., Ltd. begins with the Chongyang Festival in 2021, in Zunyi Shizi Pavilion, the new project, the new project of Zhaojiagou New planting Production capacity has reached 10,000 tons, treasure wine brand and product influence have become a sauce industry.

Wu Xiangdong said that the Zunyi, the Zunyi, which is in Zunyi, does not have the Dajiang Dahe, which is called Sichuan because the area is developed in the region. It turned out that Huichuan District is high, and the underground river flows to the Wuma River in the south, and then flows into the Chi River in the Shuanglongkou in the upper reaches of Maotai Town. Therefore, the Jane Winery and Maotai Town are the same water system. The sea level of the Jane Winery is more than 300 meters higher than that of Maotai Town, the summer is hot, and the high temperature weather has long last, so the sauce of Moutai is heavy. However, there is a unique "Zunyi-Huichuan Xiaoxuan Temple", Huichuan’s hot resources, hot spring, daily underground water evaporated to the air, the wet hot air in the evening is cold and easy to form a rain, so Huichuan District is often in summer night. Rain, thus forming a high humidity and a suitable climate, which is very conducive to microbial growth gathering, forming the ideal winemaking environment, and has made a good foundation for the good quality of Tzu. Along the great guidelines, insist on making wine, in the next ten years, Guizhou Jane will expand its capacity in Huichuan District and Maotai Town, adding Nearly 30,000 jobs, driving local farmers to plant organic sorghum 800,000 mu, drive More than 30,000 people in the downstream industry … "Every time I think of these numbers, I have an inexplicable feeling." Wu Xiangdong said that in 2021, it began to enter the national strategic task of a comprehensive rural resolution, and Guizhou Jane will follow the pace of the times. The people drink quality alcohol, and strive to drive the people to build rich, live a happy life.

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