Zhejiang: Implementing a scenery multiplication plan Accelerating energy green transformation


Zhejiang: Implementing a scenery multiplication plan Accelerating energy green transformation

  Synchronize with sea wind power, Zhejiang photovoltaic power is high-speed growth.

By the end of 2020, the province’s photovoltaic generating machine is 1517 million kilowatts, to the end of "14th Five-Year Plan", Zhejiang Light Vehicle will reach more than 2.75 million kilowatts.

  National Network Zhejiang Electric Power accelerates new energy to send out project construction, ensuring that new energy should be parallel, and it is eased.

  On May 16, Zhejiang’s largest sea wind power project – Lushan No. 4 sea wind power officially incorporated into the power grid, the total installed capacity of 10,000 watts. On June 29th, the country’s largest coastal beach fishing light complementary photovoltaic project – Ningbo Xiangshan Great Poat Polar Project is grid-connected, the total installed capacity is 300,000 kilowatts, which is expected to generate 100 million kilowatts in the year. From January to October this year, Zhejiang added electricity installed 43 million kilowatts, of which the new energy installed capacity was 304 million kilowatts, accounting for more.

  New energy large-scale access to further improve the grid structure. Year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Zhejiang proposed to build high-loaded strong main online shelves and promote distribution network, micro-grid coordinated development, providing strong support for new energy large-scale access. Since the beginning of this year, the National Network Zhejiang Electric Power has launched a special high-voltage communication ring construction plan, Baihe Beach-Zhejiang special high voltage DC transmission project startup preparation, accelerate construction of strong and high-end high voltage grid patterns, improve 500 kV net, play Large power grid resource allocation, and send out creation conditions for large-scale nuclear power and large-scale new energy sources.

At the same time, accelerate the promotion of 220 kV new energy to send out project construction, ensuring that new energy should be parallel.

  The main online shelf continues to improve, distribution network, microgrid construction is also carried out in an orderly manner. On November 8th, in the Ningbo Haining Scientific Shanshan New Area, with the first set of straight reservoirs, the roofed light source is constantly powered by the country. On the night, the mobile storage vehicle is reversed to the microgrid to achieve a distributed power supply. Implement distributed power supply in place. National Net Haining Power Supply Company explores the construction of a honeycomb source with power grid, multiple microgd grids "hand-handed", promotes the distributed power supply, and more distributed power generation. In the future, China Zhejiang Electric Power will create a new model of scale-scale distributed new energy, and play the role of distributed new energy in the distributed new energy, and produce large. Demonstration template for coordinated development of power grid and distribution network and microgrid. Scientific development of power grid scheduling and actively responding to new energy large-scale access this year, the State Grid Corporation will build a new power system provincial-level demonstration zone in Zhejiang will greatly promote the development of new energy in the province. National Network Zhejiang Electric Power actively does new energy plan, comprehensive provincial resource endowment, etc. Construction.

In the 26 counties in the mountains, the "PV Fully" project is implemented, excavating energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy in rural areas. Developed "Photovoltaic Navigation", screening the resource suitable for developing distributed photovoltaic, assessing the potential of photovoltaic development, helping local planning new energy development paths, and promoting new energy development.