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Being on the receiving end of a clumsy tackle is one of the worst feelings while playing soccer, especially when you take a few cleats to the foot. With boot companies making shoes lighter and lighter, the weight is not the only thing the boots are losing, they’re losing protection for your foot as well. ShockSock has produced socks specially made for protecting the metatarsal area. Luckily we received a few pair to test out and can provide you with a review.

The socks come in three different models: classic, pro, premier; and the only difference between them is the length of each sock. They come in three different sizes as well: small, medium, or large; as far as I can tell, this determines how big the padding is on the sock. After three weeks of testing, I have used each model and size in the Nike CTR 360 Maestri II’s and the Adidas F50 Adizero TRX leather version. The socks performed relatively the same in each boot, with only a slight difference in fit.

Now to whether the padding does what it’s supposed to do. The socks definitely do their job. I have been cleated/stepped on a few times in practice which normally would have resulted in that irritating pain we’ve all felt on the top of our foot. Instead I either felt no pain or, at most, the pain equivalent to be flicked hard. There was no aggravating pain that remained after I was cleated.

When it comes to performance, the socks definitely do their job of protection, but I’ve noticed they also help with my touch as well. I felt like I could trap balls to a dead stop that normally would have rocketed off my boot and my shots seemed to have more power than normal. This may be a placebo affect, but the padding seems to add another layer of cushion to your boots that serves two purposes.

Now, let’s talk about the sock’s comfort. The material the socks are made out of is extremely comfortable. The only problem I’ve experienced with comfort is when I double up on socks or when I use the large paddings in my Adizeros. I don’t normally wear two pair of socks, which I believe accounted for the pain in my arch that I felt when I first started wearing the socks. The pain eventually went away after I became accustomed to the feeling though. When it comes to my Adizeros, the shoes are naturally tighter on my shoe than the CTR’s so I had to get accustomed to the feeling with the socks after a few hours of playing.

The sock’s have one real downside in my opinion. They do stretch out your boots after wearing them. Personally, I like my boots as snug as possible so when my boots were slightly widened, I was a little disappointed. However, if you have boots that are too tight on you, this may be a positive thing.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, especially if you are tired of being cleated while playing. They provide protection and help your touch. If you’re interested in learning more or buying a pair check out their website here. The socks come in around $20 or $25, depending on the model. Huge thanks to James Manning for making this review possible.



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