Jiangxi copper drum: from the masses, get practical things, good things

Tonggu County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, is one of the explosive land of autumn harvest, and has a rich history, and the red gene is thick.

As the revolutionary old district, Tonggu County will "I do practical things for the people" practice activities through the whole process of learning education, put learning party history and guarantee and improve people’s livelihood organic combination, adhere to the problem-oriented, and focus on solving a group of grassroots and people I hope that the difficult things, troubles, and worry, and constantly enhance the people’s sense, happiness, and safe sense. True feelings – 20 years of difficult problems solved "" I have plagued the 20-year problem of enterprises finally solved! "The person in charge of the second source and chemical industry in Tonggu County has a long breath. In 1999, in order to support the development of Ningdu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Yongning Town, Yongning Town, the Eryuan Chemical Factory (2000 Reform to Tonggu County Eryuan Chemical Co., Ltd.) has a loan of 500,000 yuan in the copper drum agricultural bank, later Since Ningdu agricultural development company is not good, bankruptcy is closed and logged out of the company, and the loan has been unknown.

As of 2021, the loan has accumulated interest 440,000 yuan, and the brand is 940,000 yuan.

Second-Source Chemical Co., Ltd. also has a bad credit record in the bank, causing its unable to finance. To this end, on April 14 this year, the deputy county director of Tonggu County hosted the political and enterprise coordination, the copper drum agricultural bank, the second source and chemical company, the county-based business office and Yongning Town participated in coordination.

After adequate consultation, the meeting decided that this interest was coordinated by the county agricultural bank relief, the loan principal was returned by Yongning Town, Second Source Chemical Co., Ltd., and Copper Drum Agricultural Bank.

On April 25, Yongning Town held a specific matte for the party committee to study loan principal. On May 20, since the funds were paid in place, the second-source chemical company eliminated the bad credit record, hindering a major problem of enterprise development. This is just a minority of Tonggu County actively helping the masses and enterprises.

Since the study of party history, Since the development of Tonggu County, Tonggu County has launched the "big investigation, big visit, big preaching" activities, and wealth of public opinions and understand the demand of people’s livelihood.

Collect all kinds of issues and recommendations of 1746 people reflected by the masses through online special collection, government service hotline, government service network.

On this basis, the party committee (party group) at all levels, focusing on the publicity of the commonality needs and the universality issues, focusing the painful problem of the pain, focusing on the people’s livelihood history, the problem of the people’s livelihood, the problem, and formulating people’s livelihood Four lists of real things list, key people’s livelihood project list, performance list of people’s livelihood, and other people’s livelihoods, the issues in the list, implement the commitment system, establish the account, clear the responsible person, timetable, road map, ensure all The problem is all in place.

Up to now, 1422 are completed.

True to do the trunk – do the "people’s livelihood" "" Since the big sample of the vegetable market, I came to this every day, watching the clean and tidy environment, I am relieved to the dishes! "Ms. Zhang said happy.

The Farmers’ Market of Xiangyu is established for 20 years and has always been the "vegetable basket" of surrounding residents. However, due to some merchants privately slammed, laid goods, the vegetable market is crowded, and the dirty environment is desirable to buy vegetables. After understanding this situation, Tonggu County organized relevant departments to rectify the vegetable market. The behavior of occupation in the market inside and outside the market was corrected, and the illegal construction was removed according to law.

The business order has recovered, the health environment is neat, and the residents of buying vegetables have come back. "In the past 18 bends in the mountain road, I have to go out for an hour and a half. Now I have been more than an hour, and I have a convenient to do things!" Teacher Li, who took Qi Ping Middle School.

In the first half of this year, the copper highway with concern is full of passengers. Chess Town to the county town is only 30 minutes, greatly facilitating tens of thousands of people in the West River. … Integrate the New Times Civilization Practice Center, Farm Bookstore, Campus Activities, etc. "One-on-one" "Zero Distance" is a problem of solving the corporate mass; Daxie Town "with filial piety", starting a happy cafeteria, caring for the elderly, rural atmosphere improved; the county public security bureau integrates "Millions of Million" activities, Sand over 8 communities under all police officers, and the county’s residential points are subject to anti-fraud publicity, and the county’s telecom fraud case is significantly reduced.

In the real thing, Tonggu County started from "small", regarding the small things of the masses, "Everything has fallen, there is a sound", there is a problem, the organization has a response, and there is a sound, solve "small" Question, winning big people.

Character Review of the Trusters – Effective Complementation of the People’s Livelios, to promote the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the people", Tonggu County insists on doing their best, the strength, this year, do 28 key people’s livelihood projects, seriously solve Education, employment, pension, housing and other masses are most concerned about, the most direct, and most realistic interests.

"Employment is the most fundamental people’s livelihood.

"The copper drum is high as the national ecological function area, and the number of enterprises admission is higher. It has led to a small number of physical enterprises in the county. The employment of the masses is also small. In order to solve this problem, on the one hand, the townships and urban communities of Tonggu County, the establishment of employment services Window, free public employment services; focus on service and "one-on-one" refinement assistance, implement national skills revitalization projects, adopt "sending technology" on-site way, carry out multiple training, breeding, e-commerce, and improve entrepreneurship The overall quality. On the other hand, strengthen policy support and distribute small secured loans for 3 consecutive years.


The policy measures to support and serve migrant workers, develop flexible and effective policies from access, taxation, land, etc., and have opened "green channels" for returning migrant workers. Since this year, there have been more than 1,100 new employment in the county, and more than 3,600 rural labor has been transferred to employment. "This elevator is well installed, and after buying vegetables, the weight is not tired, and the up and down the building is basically not a problem." The resident of the happiness home Qiu Dongxiang thumbs up to the newly installed elevator.

Happy home is the largest resettlement community in Tonggu County, with more than 1,200 households.

There are many old diseases, and the old people over 65 years old account for 45%. The 6th floor of the 上海松江哪里妹子便宜又好 building is very inconvenient for residents, and the installed elevator has become a common desire of residents in the community. In order to effectively solve the problem of residents, Tonggu County has introduced "Implementation Plan for the existing residential installation elevator in Tonggu County", and the introduction of market-oriented operations is equipped with an elevator for the old community. At present, the community plans to install 51 elevators, which have been started and 10 sets. Effective benefits. Tonggu County adheres to the effect orientation, strengthens the supervision and constructing, forming a working closed loop.

Take supervision, field inspection, investigation interview, medium-term assessment, etc., and implement dynamic tracking management of various units in various units.

At the same time, to carry out the proceeds 阿拉上海后花园419 of the priorities, the key people’s livelihood projects will be carried out in the right time to carry out the assessment, let the masses participate, by the masses, regularly carry out the mass satisfaction online assessment and questionnaire evaluation of township and county straight units, force the formism, bureaucracy, and bureaucracy The truth is the responsibility of the truth, ensuring the effect of the commitment and task list.

Li Yongjun, secretary of the Tonggu County Party Committee, said, the next step, the bronze drum will further tree "I am doing practical things for the people", "from the masses, go to the masses", use your heart to solve the masses and urgent This year, 10 people’s livelihood and 28 key people’s livelihood projects have continuously enhance the masses to give sense, happiness, safety and satisfaction. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.


Jiangsu Beijing divided the arrow men and women anti-bow group gold medal

Original title: Jiangsu Beijing divided the arrow men and women anti-arrow bod group gold medal Xinhua News Agency Xi’an September 25 (Reporter Xu Dongyuan, Wu Hongbo) National Games Archery All projects in Changan Changning Ecological Sports Training Competition Base Curtain, the last game Decide two anti-bow gold medals. In the women’s project, the Beijing team composed of Li Jiantian, Zhao Mu, Zhang Menghan, over 6: 2, was defeated by the Olympic player Wu Jiaxin led by the Shanghai team. In the men’s competition, the Jiangsu team defeated the Guangdong team to win gold. In the women’s group final, the Beijing team first leads 1 ring, and it is shocked to take 2 points.

The second party two teams have the number of waves, but the Shanghai team wins more close to the bullish advantage. The third bureau will win two points.

In the last game, the 上海松江大学城有多少学生 Shanghai team had a mistake, and the Beijing team won the competition. Shanxi team 5: 1 defeated the Xinjiang team to get bronze medals.

  The Beijing team has gone a silver medal for the Silver Bow for the two consecutive National Games.

Old will Li Jiajing shed the tears after the game: "We are very believed in each other, I believe that as long as you have a good arrow, you will win." "We won more in mind."

"Beijing team coach Li Xiaofeng said that since 1997, the Beijing Archery has not got a gold medal for many years." We are doing yourself, this is ok. Li Xiaofeng said that he said, there was a tearful water. The men’s anti-bow group competition is extremely fierce, and the two teams in the semi-finals will fight to the last arrow.

In the final, Jiangsu, 爱上海水磨夜网wx Guangdong has played a number of 10 rings and 9 rings. The two strongest actions in the fourth game, but the first three games of the Jiangsu team have been 4: 2 lead, successfully win. The Beijing team won the bronze medal at 5: 1.

  After the game, the Jiangsu team player Wang Yan, who has won two bronze medals at this National Games, has not given up the pursuit of gold medals after getting two bronze medals. This is what everyone wants. Jiangsu Team Through the brilliance said: "After the gold medal, we will impact to the Asian Games and the Olympics.

"In recent years, the archery project has become more popular in all parts of the country and develops more and more.

"5 gold medals, from 5 different provinces and cities, in addition, there are 9 provinces and districts to win a 上海品茶高端场子 medal.

"Zheng Lixun, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration Shooter Sports Management, said in the game, the achievements of this National Games, have a good role in the development of archery movements and the importance of the projects around the project. (Responsible : Wang Lianxiang, Embassy) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


Jiangsu Xuzhou held 48 landing projects for the 24th Part 24

The project signing the project is signed. People’s Network Yan Feng photo People’s Network Xuzhou October 28 (Yan Feng) "The semiconductor industry in Xuzhou has basically formed a more complete chain, and our products and Xuzhou layout intelligent manufacturing industry development direction is highly fit. For enterprises, not only have the advantage of production costs, but also have an advantage of industrial support, so we decided to cooperate with Xuzhou. "Said why they choose high-end semiconductor new materials enterprises 闵行会所论坛 in Xuzhou, Guangdong Pioneering Power Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Shihui If so.

On October 28th, at 2021 China Xuzhou 24th Investment Fair, the same as Xuzhou City cooperated with Xuzhou City, and 48 companies in Xuzhou Investment Plant, 48 In the landing project, 40 of the six strategic emerging industrial projects of Xuzhou City, including 16 construction machinery and intelligent equipment projects, 8 integrated circuits and ICT projects, 8 new energy projects, 2 new materials projects, 6 biomedicine and large health projects, accounting for nearly 80%.

It is understood that as one of the important economic activities of Xuzhou City, Xuzhou City’s twenty-fourth parties will be held in the form of "1 + N + 13", that is, 1 market-level comprehensive investment promotion and N fields Strategic emerging industrial enrollment activities, as well as 13 plate characteristic investment activities held by counties, this multi-point investment model, which is convenient for the core investment advantages and investment promotion results, and it is also easy to negotiate a batch of industrial chains. Ministry of business and key cooperation projects landed.

Affected by overseas epidemics, this section has reduced the number of invitations of overseas guests accordingly, but 245 guests from 13 countries and regions from the United States, Japan, Italy. Zhuang Zhao Lin, secretary of the Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee, introduced the advantages of Xuzhou City, the advantages of Xuzhou City, and focused on the "Building Industry Strong City, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry, Building Industry" "The strategic development goal.

In terms of industrial development, Xuzhou City identified 24 key advantage industrial chains, collaborates to promote the cultivation of emerging industries and traditional industries, has created "6 + 4" advanced manufacturing and "6 + 3" modern service industry integration development Industrial system, promoting the implementation of "No. 1 Investment No. 1 Project", from January to September, there are 545 registration projects in the city, and the proportion of manufacturing projects increased from 64% in 2018 to%, and the proportion of 上海品茶spa strategic emerging industrial projects is 2018. 49% of the year increased to%, and the Xuzhou City industry in the old industrial base has entered the expressway. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.


Japanese wants to promote export radioactive nuclear waste

  Japan’s "Dynasty News" reported on the 7th that the economic industry is considering the revision of the relevant provisions to allow Japan to export large radioactive nuclear waste to foreign countries. Japan’s existing law prohibits nuclear waste exports.

  On March 11, 2011, the seismic earthquake occurred in the northeastern part of Japan and triggered the tsunami, causing the power off the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and the three-seat unit successively core mine, a large amount of radioactive leakage.

Japan Tokyo Electric Power has decided to report the first and second nuclear power plants in Wenfu Island.

  "Dynasty News" reported that the scrap nuclear power plant produced a large 上海浦东油压带全套 amount of radioactive waste, including large equipment such as a steam generator that stages hundreds of tons. Such waste occupies a large amount of space, and the Japanese nuclear power industry hopes to relax relevant export restrictions.

  Japan’s "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law" stipulates that export radioactive waste is prohibited.

  "Dynasty News" reported that the economic industry is considering whether it can formulate an exception under the basis of the basic principles of prohibition of prohibiting export nuclear waste to enact administrative orders. For example, the limited exit of the approved nuclear waste, including nuclear waste needs to be reused in the export target country, and export nuclear waste is limited to steam generators, water heaters and nuclear waste transport storage containers.

  This media reports that the export objects of Japan envisaged include countries that are promoting nuclear power station scrapped in the United States and Sweden.

  On the 4th, the Economic Industry Provincial Conference has basically agreed to the new version of the Energy Basic Program. The program is written in the program to "promote the revision of the export control regulations" to enable the delegation of the foreign practitioners to deal with nuclear waste, including the cross-border transport of nuclear waste, thus cumulative nuclear waste treatment experience.

  "Dynasty News" reported that the above-mentioned movement may be regarded as a Japanese government intended to put nuclear waste to handle this tricky problem to foreign countries. Write relevant content to the Energy Basic Program in the Economic Industry and China, and Japan has already questioned questioning.

  The Japanese government and East Power have been repeatedly ill, I have previously announced that the decision of nuclear pollution water into the sea is intended to recruit multi-party strong opposition. The abandonment work of Fukushima two nuclear power plants is slow. "Tokyo News" reported in January this year, Fukushima first nuclear power plant completed the scrapped time may be more late 2041 to 2051 more than a scheduled time; "Dynasty News" reported in July, Dong Electricity struggled to complete the scrapped island in 2064 Two-core power plant.

(Liu Xiuling) (Xinhua News Agency 上海高档洗浴会所 Specialization).


Jiangsu Xinghua Chang Rong Town: The village is 上海虹口868油压会所 missing people’s lack of money beauty

Original title: The village is lacking at the lack of money, and the beautiful still has a comprehensive victory in the rumor, and the rural revitalization strategy will be fully promoted. In the 2021, China No. 1 is proposed, will implement rural people’s environmental remediation to improve five-year action, including co-ordination of rural toilets and sewage, black odor governance, carrying out beautiful and livable villages and beautiful courtyard demonstration creation activities. But in the process of beautiful rural construction, missing people, lack is the largest "blocking road" facing some economic weak areas.

How to creatively crack the problem, which makes the village "Beauty", which is urgent to solve it. The reporter interviewed in many villages in Changrong Town, Xinghua, found that some creative practices in the beautiful rural construction of townships in the cultivation of this financial resources are very prominent. By collecting the "gold ideas" and other methods to mobilize the participation of the whole people, guide social forces to pay for money, Chang Rong Town’s rural appearance is fast and beautiful, and more than half of the administrative villages under the jurisdiction of the national forest village, national rural governance demonstration village, provision Teruncture rural villages and other more than 10 countries, provincial and municipal "gold cup silver cups" also earned the "word of mouth" of the masses.

On July 24 last year, the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and the promotion of rural homage environment rectification work will be held in Xuzhou, Chang Rong Town as the only representative site demonstration display in the Soviet Union. The beautiful country "Hundred Flowers", what is the secret of Chang Rong Town? The villager is "designer", beautiful village blooms "earthwise love" Yangchun in March, along the "National Rural Treatment Demonstration Village" Anren Village, the farm road to the west, four-sided greening island, green The tree is covered, and the antique pavilion is added to the garden.

Go north, I went to the "net red" in the village to punch – Toyo Yuyuan. It’s hard to imagine, this 600 square meters of gardens, the past is the piglet, the dry toilet, is the dirtiest place in the village.

Nowadays, there is a discard case, brick tile dressed as a rockery, landscape pool, build a swing, bamboo house and other entertainment facilities, become a girl’s paradise, actually attracting visitors to visit, leisure. "Where is this designer?" In the face of the question, Yao De, the secretary of the village party, is proud to introduce: "This is our villager to take it out!" Time is returned to 3 years ago.

Chang Rong Town organized Town Village Cadres to Zhejiang to learn from the "Thousand Village Demonstrations, Wan Village Remediation" work experience, and then organized the cadres in the municipalities (districts) in Taizhou. After studying, the town cadres have wrapped in the palm of their hands and prepared to do one.

But what is dry? Which of the field mode? Shao Guozhen, secretary of the town party committee, decided to first "according to the soldiers", with the cadres and start a new task – to the villagers, with the masses, listen to the people’s opinion.

  Silver water, a few small wooden boats filled with rice.

The deep depths of the cloud is a higher education for the people … Entering the Yuebei Village, this wall painting that is incorporated into a good village wind element is eye-catching.

"The inspiration of this painting is from many discussions from the town village cadres and villagers." Liu Jian, secretary of the party branch of Yanbei Village, said this painting absorbed the villagers’ opinions, of course, deeply loved by villagers.

Only 192 households, 651 people in Nibei Wanchang Natural Village have come out of 168 college students. "Ning can not build a building, but also to go to school to school" became the most simple village style. Renovated the land after empty room, creating a "micro-garden" confession, helping the villagers, the next "vegetable money"; the green design, properly increase the peach, alfalfa and other fruit trees, let the villagers enjoy "" Sweet "… The masses have put forward more than 300" golden ideas "and gradually become a realistic picture of beautiful rural construction in Changrong Town. Adhere to the main status of peasants, enhance farmers’ well-being started as a beautiful village to create a work, and stimulate farmers to participate in the enthusiasm of beautiful rural construction. In addition to active participation in creative, design, but also donate all kinds of old people. More than 200 items. The beautiful village here also thus revealed "earthwise". "Township" makes the leverage, and the private power is shared and participated in the Anren Village, the green trees, the birds and flowers, and a set of stone table stools quietly.

  "How much do you guess this stone table stone bench?" The village cadres threw this problem to the reporter, and didn’t wait for the reporter to answer, I laughed out of a finger, "1 million!" This 1 million yuan is township. Zou Xinmu donated.

It turned out that Zou Xinmu accidentally returned to the village to see the village and couldn’t help but evoke "township", and chatted in the shade of the stone in the shade. The village cadres were inspired, and the stone table stone bench was placed in the village, and the video was sent to Zou Xinwang. This makes him very touched and immediately promised to donate 1 million yuan for beautiful rural construction.

  "The 11 villages (communities) in the whole town, there are seven in the past, and the economic weak villages. If you want to build a beautiful country, it is definitely not enough to invest in government financial funds, and you need to bring your strength, especially the strength of the township.

"Shao Guo said.

  Chang Rong Town has issued a supporting policy of paying 40% in the town of Shangtang in various villages. At the same time, in various villages, "rural environment rectification and beautiful rural construction" special funds are fully mobilized to invest in beautiful rural construction. enthusiasm. Chang Rong Town is the only towns and towns named by revolutionary martyrs. The town’s trend of the town has become another epitary of the whole people.

The tourist reception center of the scenic spot is transformed from a company’s factory and office building. I learned that the factory is in the Red Scenic Area Planning Area. The business owners not only take the initiative, but also take 8 million yuan to support the construction of the red scenic spot from the compensation of 2 million yuan. In the past three years, the town has received more than 10 million yuan.

  To make "starting", let the village’s beautiful "sustainable" public toilets, is the most dirtiest place in rural; public toilets management, it is also a tutty in rural environmental remediation. But in Xinrong Village, the village cadres took the initiative to take the reporter to visit.

The white wall is clean and tidy, close to the public toilet, no smell.

"Public toilets are near home, clean and not said, there is no smell, don’t believe you!" The 78-year-old villager Dai Jin just "convenient", full mouth praise. The beautiful country is building a premise, and the management is "sustainable".

After the "good", Chang Rong Town is still the old way to use: the whole people build. A piece of management card is posted on each public toilet wall in the whole town, with numbers, addresses, and clerk, inspector’s names and phones. The cleaning staff is hired in the village. The inspector is held by the village cadres and the old party members. It is uninterrupted every day to ensure that the public toilets are high in the day, there is a light in the night, and there is no smell all day. If there is a villager reflects the "dirty chaos" problem, the inspector has to check the process on the spot.

  From the masses, most expectations, the most important "small things", in recent years, Chang Rong Town has changed 60 public toilets, 71 new public toilets, and the villagers can be near toilets within 3 minutes; in the town, in the whole town, promote garbage classification, province The creation of the category of the graded garbage class has passed the municipal acceptance; 6 of the domestic sewage treatment plants have been built into operation, 4 construction; start the "Three-Year Action Plan for Happy River Road", remediation 4 city-level river sections, 4 towns Level river road, build 23 village model rivers … guide old cadres, old party members to form "Woodpecker Volunteer Service Team", give full play to the power of the masses, and realize the sharing of treatment.

  Promoting the most beautiful courtyard and clean-tidy farmers to create a "wonderful" to establish a normal long-term management mechanism in Chang Rong Town.

  The old party members of Baohong Village Wu Hongjian doctors and the courtyard, there is a small flower bed, which is full of flowers and grass, often attracting tourists to take pictures. "I didn’t spend a few more money, I usually take some time to clean up, my family is clean and tidy. This mood will follow comfortable." Old Wule said, "The ‘everyone’ and ‘small house’ is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Countryside deputy is actually.

"In the most beautiful courtyard evaluation, Wu Hongjian was rated as the most beautiful courtyard of E 2 stars. Take the way to promote the most beautiful courtyard and clean and tidy farmers. Chang Rong Town has selected 131 households, the most beautiful courtyard of the second star. 80 households, Samsung’s most beautiful courtyard, 576, clean farmers. Now, many villagers who have been "the most beautiful courtyard" in the same way as Wu Hongjian, often by the villagers, and a group of "courtyard beauty teachers" in the small village.

  It is necessary to have a beautiful environment, and the people must be rich. The people are good, and Chang Rong Town has played a set of rural revitalization "combined fists": investing more than 1.5 million yuan to build a young entrepreneurial incubation center, and 上海喝茶上课群wx attract 9 young e-commerce talents to establish 9 e-commerce sales companies. Putting the local Yellow high quality rice, Tangzi scorpion, ecological hairy crab, etc. The total annual sales have exceeded 100 million yuan, driving the people’s per capita income of more than 2,000 yuan; the people’s stage, the people’s Chamber of Deputies, the "three hundred places" of the people’s big food, innovation promotion of red film and television works into the new era, provincial level "锣 鼓" "锣 鼓" into the people’s stage to sing a good township style, township can enter the people to help resolve contradictions, red and white flowers into the "four into" action in the people’s big food … 居 宜 业 宜 宜 游 新The picture is erase.

(Dong Xin Sun Diyuan Yan Yuxiang) (Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).


Japan Airlines will acquire Spring and Autumn Airlines Japanese companies for subsidiaries

People’s Network Tokyo April 26th (Wu Ying) According to Japan Calls, Japan Airlines (JAL) decided to acquire China Cheap Airline (LCC) 上海高端外卖新茶 Spring Airlines Japanese company as a subsidiary, and planned in JuneIncreased investment 上海品茶联系 billion yen, and the company has obtained the company’s excessive equity.Affected by the new 上海各区工作室外卖 crown epidemic, the Japanese aviation industry suffered huge impact, and the performance of each company declined sharply.

Although the current international route is still in a downturn, it is a growth strategy after the end of the epidemic, and Japan Airlines has begun to visit the Japanese tour market in the future.Spring Airlines Japanese company was established on September 7, 2012, headquartered in Narita, Japan.Spring and Autumn Aviation Co., Ltd. is the first major shareholder.(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Hao).


Invoation of new coronary pneumonia in Jilin Province (announced on August 11, 2021)

At 0-24 on August 10, there was no new diagnosis case and unscrupulous 逍遥网上海论坛 infection in the province.Remind the general public, the current "external defense input, internal defense rebound" situation is still serious, recently, the province has returned (to) Ji people in Nanjing, Yunnan Province, Ruili City, Yunchuan County.The relevant personnel take the initiative to report to the local community, cooperate with nucleic acid detection, home health monitoring, etc.

Vaccination new crown vaccine is an effective measures to prevent new coronal pneumonia. Please take the initiative to take the initiative to take the initiative. Everyone must build a sense of regular prevention and control. He 上海宝山友谊路小巷子 insists on wearing masks, handwick your hands, always ventilated, maintain social distance, no dinner, no gather, reduceDisease infection risk.

(Jilin Province Health and Health Committee) (Editor: Wang 上海奉贤新茶群 Emperor, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.


Jiangsu issued the "14th Five-Year" professional 上海油压KB场 technical personnel development plan

Original title: Improve special skills Quality, excitation, innovative entrepreneurship Greate up to stimulate talent innovation 最新上海贵族宝贝自荐区 vitality.

At the end of the "Thirteen Five-Year Plan", Jiangsu professional technical talents reached 10,000 people, ranking first in the country.

On this basis, the development of professional and technical personnel in Jiangsu "145" period will be the main line, focusing industry promotion, technological innovation, main body, major platform and optimization services.

Specific tasks include: implementing a number of key talent engineering projects such as "Expert Service Grassroots Action", "Expert Service Grassroots Action"; Efficient employment mechanism, smooth flow mechanism, 闵行洗浴推油 reasonable incentive mechanism; comprehensive improvement of professional technical personnel management services.


International Rui Rui, don’t see the United States, and see you to pull the list.

  The China Foreign Ministry released the "fact list" to intervene in Hong Kong affairs on the 24th, supporting the "factual list" of the anti-chaos and Hong Kong forces, and the creation of Hong Kong social turmoil in the United States since the "case of the wind wave" in 2019.

Through these conclusive evidence, it is not only to see the despicable means and hypocrisy of the United States to intervene in Hong Kong affairs. The sinister heart, it can be said that the words are available, and the iron can be as mountain. Specifically, this list is divided into five parts, and list 102 US US to intervene in Hong Kong’s affairs, involving the construction of the country, embrace the so-called sanctions, squeezing the zone of the SAR, including the support against chaos, and collected allies Three of the means of interfere with Hong Kong affairs.

It is not difficult to see that the US supports the opposite chaos of Hong Kong, what is naked, why is it! How is the US government’s smearing dismissal to the Chinese government to smear! Through this list, people also see that there is a ridiculous "double standard" that the United States is in democracy, freedom, human rights, and rule of law. The US has repeatedly hits the Hong Kong business, smearing the improvement of the Hong Kong Guoan Law and the Hong Kong election system, but its own related record is a mess.

  In the case of a case of human rights, a list of human rights is taken as an example.

From the disappearing failure, it is seriously trampled to human rights. When the Afghan dismantled the army, he will shoot civilians, and then a lot of sea immigrants that lack of food and money. Even the US Haiti Special Envoy has also condemned the "unrealistic" behavior of the US government and resigned on the 23rd. At the same time, at the 48th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, multi-country also strongly condemned human rights violations in the United States. At present, the turmoil manufactured in the 上海喝茶群vx United States and the infringement of democracy, human rights, freedom, and the rule of law are staged around the world. The so-called "human rights guard" is just the largest human rights invasive. The "fact list" released by the Chinese side also makes the US have a mirror, you can always look out that yourself, the "Human Rights Teacher" refers to the ugly look.

  Chinese 上海品茶资源分享 people don’t make trouble, but they are not afraid. The United States is absolutely impatched by incorporating China’s development of China’s development. From the relevant personnel and entities of the United States, the "anti-foreign sanctions", and then the "fact list", these legitimate measures taken in China have shown that the words and deeds of all interference China, damaging the national interests and dignity must Essential and powerful roots. The outside world saw that the current overall situation of Hong Kong has been fixed.

The development and implementation of the Hong Kong Guohang Law has restored Hong Kong’s security and stability, promoting Hong Kong by chaos, and With the steady advancement of a series of elections in Hong Kong, the principle of "Patriot Governance" will will be further implemented, and the "one country, two systems" governance system will continue to improve, and to ensure that Hong Kong is long-term. Don’t look at the United States, and I will see you to draw a list.

In the face of the Chinese-mentioned pile parts, facing the reality of Hong Kong’s prosperity, where is the US perseverance to continue to perform the political farce of the intervention of Hong Kong affairs? Any force can underestimate the firm determination of China against external intervention, strong will and powerful! (International Rui Review Commentary).

White,Just take this kind of thing(qíng)Come kidding,Those who deliberately made it difficult to get in。

it’s good now,It is clear,Nothing,Can’t do anything,I can only look at Huang Lei honestly,Count him through。
She let go,Let Huang Lei in,Still whispering in my heart,This is fine,But it’s fine after thinking about it,Anyway this kind of thing(qíng)Nothing good,Doesn’t matter。
Some time to play with each other,I don’t care what happens at this time,He really doesn’t care much about this aspect(qíng)。
that’s it,Huang Lei and Niu went in,Niu looked at Huang Lei curiously,Ask him how do you know the answer,As a result, Huang Lei spread his hands and said he didn’t know,Just guessing。
He is even more curious when he is such a girl,Absolutely impossible,So it’s all over?
Zheng Li is notoriously tricky,How could it be passed by him in a few words,But then I think about it.。
This kind of thing(qíng)It seems nothing good,It’s enough for Zheng Li to stop making things difficult for them,As for other things,And one more thing(qíng),This is just the beginning,There will be more things next(qíng)occur,This has to make the girl continue to worry,At the same time, he told Huang Lei to be careful and careful。
But after entering the bar,(qíng)The situation is much better than they thought,Not noisy(rè)Make trouble,Not much other things(qíng)Everything happened seems so normal,So quiet,Bars are not like bars,inside(qíng)Relatively pleasant,Everyone should be busy,Play,Play their own,In twos and threes。
Generally, the light must be chaotic in bars,How else can I create this atmosphere?
But this bar is different,No confusion here,Looks very comfortable,It is obvious from this point,This place is completely different from what they knew before,And for this, Huang Lei didn’t have much,Like including girls。
Anyway,this matter(qíng)There must be a problem,Otherwise just wait and see。
Originally, the two of them were already healed before then,Must go together,So no matter what happens next(qíng),They can all relate to each other,Can make bad things(qíng)Get better,Can also make things(qíng)Made easier。
Just a lot of things(qíng)I can’t help them think,It’s like Niu met many old friends,These good friends ask her,Niu is not good to refuse?I can only chat with these friends in the end,words。
Huang Lei was together when he first started,It’s just that from time to time those best friends will look at him with weird eyes,On the contrary, it makes Huang Lei very uncomfortable,In the end, Huang Lei found a reason and left。
He just doesn’t like this feeling,It’s okay to be alone,The next time will naturally become Huang Lei’s own。
Huang Lei had his own,Naughty,Play their own。
just,Niu knows a lot of people,She had fun。
But Huang Lei doesn’t know anyone here,The only one who knows Chen Guanlin and Xu Shan,It’s just that those two guys seem to be(tǐng)busy,Constantly greeted the guests,What’s more, there are Zheng Li and Xu Qin,Huang Lei is not stupid enough to provoke them at this time。
Huang Lei hasn’t forgotten that he was also one of the targets caught tonight,How could those guys let him go。